Eric Sardinas

May 8, 2015 · Doors open at 19:00

Eric Sardinas
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Eric Sardinas

With legions of corporate-fueled, musical puppets littering our stages and airways, originality has become virtually extinct within the landscape of today’s popular music. Fortunatly there’s Eric Sardinas. His unique sound and honest delivery are breathing life back into the lungs of a stale industry on the verge of collapse. Sardinas is both a welcome reminder of the finest unfiltered music from an era bygone, as well as, a glimpse into a future realm of infinite sonic liberty. He’s a courageous trailblazer who’s constant repudiating routine limits and challenging all genre inherent boundaries with his wild innovations. So, – if you find yourself understandably lost and aimlessly drifting through a sad sea of musical mediocrity… find Eric Sardinas.

Mother Grundy

Rockin’ the blues! Members include Eric Heuschele – Guitar, Robin Hoffos – Vocals/Guitar, Jack Butler – Guitar/Slide Guitar, Dave Held – Bass and David Zedaker – Drums.


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