Jimmy Thackery

August 9, 2019 · Doors open at 19:00

Jimmy Thackery

Jimmy Thackery has made his career as a musician for over 40 years, traveling the globe from big festivals to everyone’s favorite neighborhood bars. A true professional musician, Jimmy gives his audience his best each and every performance, respecting and appreciating his fans along the way. His music reaches people’s lives in personal and profound ways, as witnessed by the touching messages he receives during and after each tour.

Spare Keys is an all-original album, with six instrumentals and six tunes with vocals. These songs use all the keys available on guitar, running the gamut from soulful blues in Blues All Night, to heart-wrenching blues in I Even Lost the Blues and You Can’t Come Back. His rock roots shine in Puttin’ the Word Out and Fightin’ in the Jungle, which also features howler monkeys recorded at the Xunantunich Mayan Ruins in Belize.

Blitz Brothers Band

The BLITZ Brothers were perhaps the earliest local blues-rock trio, as well as the longest running in that format. Playing local venues 6 nights a week- often up to 6 month stretches per venue- the band gained the most notoriety for their opening shows with the largest touring bands of the day. They took a well deserved break in 1986, reforming 8 years ago to do concert shows- with Barney Roach replacing the late Danny Blitz on bass and backing vocals, and Calvin Lakin replacing the late Dickie Dodd of ‘The Standels’ fame on drums. The trio has stayed true to its original sound and love for the heavier side of the blues, with Richard Blitz perpetuating “the BLITZ sound” for over 4 decades now. Recent show hi-lites include The Yuma Blues Festival, Johnny Winter, Leon Russell, Ace Frehley, Dennis Quaid, Pat Travers, Jimmy Thackery, Bugs Henderson, Walter Trout, and many many more.

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