Security Project – Music Of Peter Gabriel

May 29, 2016 · Doors open at 19:00

Security Project - Music of Peter Gabriel

Adv purchase: $25
Day of show: $30

  • Security Project – Music Of Peter Gabriel, featuring:
    • Jerry Marotta: Drums, Vocal
    • Trey Gunn: Warr Guitar, Vocal
    • Brian Cummins: Lead Vocal
    • Michael Cozzi: Guitars, Vocal
    • David Jameson: Keyboards
  • Alex Machacek
  • Agent 22, featuring:
    • Tom Griesgraber
    • Rayan Moran – Slightly Stoopid
  • Points North

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Security Project

The timeless music of PETER GABRIEL has found new life through The Security Project. Featuring former members of Peter Gabriel Band, King Crimson, a former Marillion member’s tour, Carpet Crawlers UK, The Lou Reed Band, The Security Project not only recreates these masterpieces live, but gives them new musical wings for the 21st century. The reviews have been glowing: “Scary Good Show!” raves Progression Magazine after their premiere in New York City. Noted musicians also have given a thumbs up, including Tony Levin, Larry Fast (both from Gabriel’s band) Steve Hackett (Genesis), Jon Anderson (Yes), Gabriel Mixer/Producer Tom Lord-Alge, Gabriel Analyst Lilywhite Leigh, to name a few, have all taken note.

With Gabriel now a double-inductee into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (both with Genesis as well as his solo career) The Security Project deliver the most adventurous music from his first five solo albums, including “Security” and culminating with “Plays Live”.

  • Jerry Marotta: Drums & Percussion, Backing Vocals
  • Trey Gunn: Warr Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Brian Cummins: Lead Vocals
  • Fuzzbee Morse: Guitars, Flute, Backing Vocals
  • David Jameson: Keyboards & Eigenharp

Alex Machacek

Alex Machacek was born and raised in Austria and moved to Los Angeles in 2004. He studied Jazz guitar and Jazz Education at the Conservatory in Vienna and completed 2 semesters at Berklee College of Music, Boston. While still in Austria, Machacek was named Guitar Newcomer for 1998 in a European guitar competition and the following year debuted as a leader with “Featuring Ourselves”.

Very soon after this he began working with Terry Bozzio which materialized in BPM’s “Delete and Roll” followed by OutTrio’s “Live in Austin” DVD (with Bozzio and Patrick O’Hearn).

Besides his own releases he has played and/or recorded with: Eddie Jobson’s UKZ, Planet X, Virgil Donati Band, CAB, The Scott Kinsey Group, Gary Husband, Jimmy Johnson, Hadrien Feraud, John Wetton, Tony Levin, to name a few.

Agent 22

Somewhere along the borders where melodies, grooves, harmonies and textures meet, you can find Agent 22. Tom Griesgraber (aka: Thos) and Ryan Moran (aka: Rymo) share a fascination for the intangible; that music that defines a mood and stirs the imagination. There can be light and there can be dark. There can be immersive denisty or beautiful abject sparsity; mercurial quickness and contemplative stillness. Their technique as instrumentalists can drive an audience’s fascination, but is often held in reserve in defernce to what is more important; the emotion of the moment.

Difficult to classify yet easily identified, the music of Agent 22 is based in rock, but borrows amply from jazz, funk, world and classical. While best known for Chapman Stick and drums respectively, both Tom and Ryan make use of multiple instruments. A graduate of San Diego State University (where the two first met and worked together) Ryan’s instrumental pallette extends through Latin American, African and Asian percussion as well as vibes, synths and the Australlian didjeridoo. Tom Griesgraber graduated from Berklee College of Music as a guitar major, but his musical journey began on piano and violin and continues through bass, synths and vocals.

Individually the two have garnered much attention throughout the music industry. Rymo has spent years with groups like Slightly Stoopid and the B-Side Players, touring the world and headlining venues like Red Rocks Amplitheatre, The Fillmore and House of Blues. Thos has toured and recorded with some of the industry’s most respected instrumentalists like Bert Lams of the California Guitar Trio and Peter Gabriel/Paul McCartney alumnus Jerry Marotta. Both have solo albums that the other has contributed to and together they have provided the backbone of recordings for a number of other artists. Through it all though, Agent 22 remains a focal point for their shared exploration of that most intangible art form; music.

Points North

Points North creates melodic guitar-driven instrumental music, combining musicianship and a modern aesthetic with classic tones, song structures, and pop sensibility.

Some of the diverse and noted artists Points North has played with across Northern and Southern California include:

  • Eric Johnson
  • Blues Traveler
  • KingsX
  • Al Di Meola
  • Allan Holdsworth
  • Steve Morse
  • and more


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