June 20, 2015 · Doors open at 19:00

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After initial success in the early 80’s, iconoclastic metal band RIOT rose from the ashes after a few years of silence to release THUNDERSTEEL (CBS 1988), an album that would become as celebrated as the new line-up that spawned it: Mark Reale (guitars), Tony Moore (vocals), Don Van Stavern (bass), Bobby Jarzombek (drums), and Mike Flyntz (guitars) who joined the group during RIOT’s first triumphant ‘Thundersteel’ Tour of Japan.

Their follow-up release, THE PRIVILEGE OF POWER (CBS 1990), flexed RIOT’s creativity and metal muscles even further, cementing renewed fan interest around the world, particularly in Europe and Japan. In the ensuing years, the ‘Thundersteel’ line-up became near-legendary in the metal canon. They were hailed as “the bridge between Priest and speed metal” and have been heralded as an influence by many, including Hammerfall who cover RIOT’s “Flight Of The Warrior” off ‘Thundersteel’ on their new CD, ‘Masterpieces.’


Up from the oppresive flanneled heel of the grunge movement arose a band so convicted to their craft, that to this day the fire for metal burns hotter than ever. With a sound that combines the familiar metal godlike elements, they have instilled their own distinct sound that puts the songs and the metal fans first. Will you bang your head, will you raise your fist in the air, will you be compelled to scream along to the power? hell yes you will, this is CAGE, THE AMERICAN POWER METAL KINGS!!!



Influenced from the melodic tones of Iron Maiden to the thrash / speed metal riffs of early Metallica, Exodus, and Iced Earth, out of Menifee came Battlefront!. An unfortunate motorcycle accident which took the life of our bassist and friend Ozzy put the band on a halt until local friends stepped up and kept things going. Eric Dow and Mark Dow from Helsott took over on drums and bass while Joe Mish from Crost took over on lead guitar. We have loyal fans known as S.O.B.’s – Soldiers Of Battlefront. Become a soldier.


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