Ramona Children’s Charity Poker Tournament

May 9, 2009 · Doors open at 14:00

Ramona Children's Charity Poker Tournament

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Your “Buy In” fee of $100 goes directly to the Ramona Children’s Charity.

If you wish to pay your “Buy In” at the door, please register on the Ramona Children’s Charity website.

6 Responses to “Ramona Children’s Charity Poker Tournament”

  1. michael burford Says:

    still cant register online for game–what up??????????

  2. Doug Says:

    You can now register online for the poker tournament.

  3. Judy Says:

    How many chips do you get for the initial buy-in? How many for the rebuy? How long do you have to rebuy? What are the blind levels? How often do they go up?

  4. tom Says:

    still cannot reg. on line. what is going on

  5. Doug Says:

    @tom: I do not understand. Is the yellow PayNow button not working for you? If you wish to register but submit your Buy In fee at the door, you can register on the Ramona Children’s Charity site.

  6. Doug Says:


    5,000 initial chips
    2,500 Rebuy
    Rebuy till 6:00pm
    25/50 blinds
    Adjusts 25 every 1/2 hour

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