Paul Nelson Master Class

April 3, 2014 · Doors open at 14:00

Paul Nelson Master Class
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Ramona Mainstage is pleased to announce a one-hour special guitar master class led by Paul Nelson

Learn the secrets of:

  • Blues, Rock
  • Fusion Scales & Chords
  • Theory

Class details:

  • Paul and Johnny’s band (minus Johnny) will conduct a one hour class in the venue prior to soundcheck.
  • The class will feature instruction on blues, rock, fusion, scales, chords and theory.
  • Paul is an accomplished instructor and will teach through his performance and through verbal instruction. Attendees may ask questions of Paul throughout the session.
  • Class is geared towards players of any level.
  • Each attendee should bring their guitar.

PAUL NELSON Is a top recording artist and session player touring with countless international acts. His guitar work has been heard on international and nationally broadcast television shows and commercials aired on NBC, WWF, TNN, and UPN. Studying under Steve Vai, Steve Khan, and Mike Stern early on he is currently touring with Johnny Winter as well as writing for and playing on the Rock/Blues Legend’s latest Grammy nominated Virgin/EMI release. His highly acclaimed solo CD entitled “LOOK” has been released worldwide. Paul is an endorsement artist for Ernieball/Musicman, Fender, Taylor and DiMarzio.

The class is being held in conjunction with an evening performance by Winter and his band that evening. Nelson, who has played with classic rocker Johnny Winter since 2003, has a career spanning albums and bands as well as compositions of pieces for television broadcasts. The class will feature instruction on the blues, rock, scales, chords and theories for guitar players of all levels. All participants encouraged to bring their own guitar to the class.


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