February 6, 2014 · Doors open at 19:00

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American Noir Tour 2014

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Moonspell was formed in Brandoa, Portugal, in the middle of 1989 under the name Morbid God. The frontman of the band was already from the beginning Langsuyar, or Fernando Ribeiro as his real name is. He wrote all the band’s lyrics and also created a new original sound by mixing elements of black metal, gothic music and classic heavy metal. Langsuyar means vampire and was adopted from the babylonian tradition where it represented a creature that attacked during the night. In the early days of the band they had stronger black metal influences since most of the members came from that scene but they have later adopted more of a mellow gothic rock sound, a little similar to Lacuna Coil and the likes.

Leaves’ Eyes

As made evident by the debut album “Lovelorn” (2004), Leaves’ Eyes came into being during a walk in the woods. From the very beginning, Thorsten Bauer established a remarkable guitar sound that has been a band trademark ever since. However, it is Liv Kristine’s unique voice that serves as the linchpin in Leaves’ Eyes. With this concept album, filled with mermaids, love and tragedy, the band not only enthralls the ears, but in particular the imagination of the listener. The spectacular and rapid success of Leaves’ Eyes does not happen without a reason. Every band member had already been gathering professional experience in other musical endeavors for years before joining Leaves’ Eyes. In the mid-90s Liv Kristine’s voice was like a beacon in the gothic scene, while being the female voice of Theatre of Tragedy. In Leaves’ Eyes, Liv is partially supported by the band members of Atrocity. The metal heavyweights earned top honors for being the “most diverse metal band”. Liv calls the members of Atrocity “the best musicians and friends in the world”, having the perfect partners at her side.


One of Germany’s most successful metal bands, is one of the most experimental and diverse musical acts in the history of metal. They have always found the courage to explore uncharted territories, while delivering top-notch productions. One such production was their full-length release “Werk 80 II”, which entered top 20 in the German Media Control Album Charts at #19. ATROCITY, called “the metal chameleons”, are truly pioneers in the international Death Metal and Gothic Metal scene! Frontman Alex Krull states: “We see ourselves as artists finalizing our own musical ideas in miscellaneous ways without limits, but with infinite creativity. A good actor has to play different roles, as does a successful script writer or director, who must be able to produce a drama or an actionpacked thriller. I see a similarity between them and us being metal musicians who dare to look beyond one’s own nose. We do things that other bands wouldn’t dare to do.”


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