Mike Peters of The Alarm

April 24, 2014 · Doors open at 18:00

Mike Peters of The Alarm
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The Alarm

Over 30 years in the rock and roll business, the story of THE ALARM is a continuing and ever unfolding drama that still commands worldwide attention since being formed in Rhyl, North Wales and is still fronted by lead singer and guitarist MIKE PETERS.

The Alarm can lay claim to a series of 15 Top 50 UK singles, including their classic hits, “68 GUNS”, “SPIRIT OF 76”, “RAIN IN THE SUMMERTIME”, “STRENGTH” “45 RPM” and of course “THE STAND”. Ten successful albums and over 5 million sales worldwide, The Alarm’s pioneering use of acoustic guitars brought the band into direct contact with the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and U2, all whom have appeared and sung on stage with The Alarm.

Below is a never before seen Alarm video from 1984 which accompanies a brand new 30th anniversary remix of ‘Sixty Eight Guns‘. The version you will hear has been re-edited from the original ‘Declaration’ master tapes into the original arrangement that The Alarm used to play early in the band’s career without ‘trumpets’ and era defining production techniques.

Simply Justice

I believe that Music shapes the earth, there are feelings you can get from music you can not find anywhere else. I wanna help people see the lighter side.


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