November 13, 2014 · Doors open at 19:00

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Being around for nearly 30 years, Germanys biggest export in thrash metal, KREATOR, have proven to be persistent, innovative and an unstoppable force. Miland “Mille” Petrozza have inspired generations of young bands with their early efforts like “Endless Pain” (1985), “Pleasure To Kill” (1986) or “Extreme Aggression” (1989), but also made statements by their most recent outputs “Violent Revolution” (2001), “Enemy Of God” (2005) and “Hordes Of Chaos” (2009).

Enter 2012, KREATOR have finally found a new home with Nuclear Blast Records and deliver the most diverse, melodic and intense album of their entire, long running career. Produced at renowned Fascination Street studios in Örebro, Sweden with famous producer Jens Bogren (OPETH, KATATONIA, AMON AMARTH, SYMPHONY X), “Phantom Antichrist” comes with a clearly transparent, powerful and thundering sound. The classic and impressive artwork which makes the package just perfect was created by Wes Benscoter, who had worked with the likes of BLACK SABBATH, DIO and SLAYER before.

Musically as well as lyricwise “Phantom Antichrist” showcases everything KREATOR stand for, even taking it to the next level. Be it pure KREATOResque thrashing madness, solos that actually aren’t only there for statistics but can really be described as what they are and make you wanna shred your personal air guitar all night long, or the most epic moments you’ve ever heard on any KREATOR album – this is what you’ve been longing for the past 3 years and we can only aggree with Mille, who states:

“It will blow everything away, the “Big Four” have released in the past few years! Prepare to get your face ripped off!”


Formed on June 1st, 2012 by guitarist/vocalist Steve Brogden and bassist Don Lauder, and with the addition of drumming legend Norm Leggio and Cage guitarist Dave Garcia, Nukem is one of San Diego’s newest and most promising Thrash Metal acts to appear on the scene and they’re ready to destroy! In the band’s short time of existence thus far, Nukem has had the honor of playing direct support to LeatherWolf, Halcyon Way, Fozzy, Metal Church, and the mighty Saxon! They are currently putting the final touches on their soon to be released demo and will start the writing process on the next wave of songs. All though the band is new to the scene, the members themselves are not. Each player is comes to this project with a massive of amount of experience, know-how, and perseverance. Nukem’s future is looking very promising and they’re ready to deliver the Thrash Metal payload. Now’s the time to Nukem All!


Influenced from the melodic tones of Iron Maiden to the thrash / speed metal riffs of early Metallica, Exodus, and Iced Earth, out of Menifee came Battlefront!. An unfortunate motorcycle accident which took the life of our bassist and friend Ozzy put the band on a halt until local friends stepped up and kept things going. Eric Dow and Mark Dow from Helsott took over on drums and bass while Joe Mish from Crost took over on lead guitar. We have loyal fans known as S.O.B.’s – Soldiers Of Battlefront. Become a soldier.


Vanguard was founded by drummer Jesus Dominguez and guitarist Andrew Soto. Later, Christian (guitar) and Marcos (vocals) Dominguez (brothers of Jesus Dominguez) were added to Vanguard. Then, Arturo Ortiz was added to Vanguard to play bass.

Vanguard as of now began to play concerts in the San Diego music scene in various venues including the Epicentre, SOMA, Electric Playground, and the House of Blues San Diego. ALSO, Vanguard has played in the legendary Whisky A Go Go with the legendary heavy metal band Metal Church. Vanguard will return to the Whisky to play with another metal giant, Death Angel.

As of now, Vanguard has recently released their first EP and you can go listen to it on Bandcamp and Reverbnation.

Santa Claus

Formed on June 1, 1985. Played covers of favorite bands. Played parties and assorted gigs in San Diego area. Introduced original material in Dec. ’85. Opened for Death Angel, Dark Angel, Possessed, and D.R.I. on Jan. 4, ’86 with fellow locals Legion at the Adams Ave. Theatre. Also played with Insolents, U.P.S., Ministry Of Truth, Justice League, Christ On Parade, Life Sentence, D.R.I.(87+90), Dr. Know, Hirax, Scream, L7, Beowülf, MX Machine, Exodus, Forbidden(89+95), Gwar, Excel, Mordred, Psychotic Waltz, Sprung Monkey, Carcass, Life Of Agony, The Mentors, and Malevolent Creation. Played in Tijuana, Mexico(4 times); Phoenix, AZ; Berkeley, CA; El Centro, CA; and Los Angeles, CA(twice). Performed live on San Diego State University’s KCR radio station. Played at the Linda Vista Multi-Cultural Fair in front of approximately 2,000 people in August ’85 (second ever performance!). Released “Here Comes Santa Claus” demo tape during summer of ’86. Released “Rocks In Your Stocking” demo tape in summer of ’88. Unofficial 2 song recording, “The Frank Sessions”, was distributed locally during spring ’92, and received minor airplay on radio station 91X’ Loudspeaker program. A self financed CD was in the works in 1995, titled “ALTERed NATIVE”. Lineup changes postponed the project, which was not completed due to the dissolution of the band on June 1, 1996.

Currently rehearsing “Here Comes Santa Claus” and “Rocks In Your Stocking” material, plus other bonus and surprise tunes, including brand new songs!

Reignition…November 13, 2014


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