February 7, 2009 · Doors open at 20:00


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  1. dave Says:

    I saw these guys at DreamStreet in Dec. – they killed it – if you like Rush you will definitely enjoy what these do.

  2. Michael C Says:

    “HeadRUSH” is well worth seeing for anybody who is a fan RUSH!
    Highly recommended…

    Many may not realize how tough it is to learn and perform the music of RUSH. The arrangements are complex, chord progressions are anything but typical, odd time signatures change often. To do it well requires mental acuity, physical dexterity, endurance, and a high level of dedication, in addition to huge talent on the individual instruments. As another bass player who was inspired by Geddy Lee, I can appreciate the complexity of the arrangements and the level of skills needed to get it done.

    Unlike most “conventional” rock music, in simple 4/4 time with a predictable 1-4-5 progression, there is no way an unfamiliar musician could just “sit in” and fake his way through a RUSH tune.
    I mean, “This ain’t no Mustang Sally, Jack. Sit down before you embarrass yourself.”

    With a RUSH tribute, you HAVE to be good. A half-assed effort wouldn’t last long. RUSH fans are picky. It takes nads to bring this music to the public. Being cynical about anyone other than RUSH attempting to do RUSH songs, I watched and listened to “HeadRUSH” and was impressed! I could only imagine the years of hard work and practice that each of these guys had to invest to get to this night; where they could perform the music for a crowd with high expectations.

    I was told that this was only the third public performance for “HeadRUSH”, and the first performance with the new 6-stringer slinger…he played like he’d always been with the band. The entire place was into it; everybody playing air-guitar and air-drums, singing along…it was a great show and I’d happily pay $10 anytime to see “HeadRUSH” do their tribute. It’s not quite perfect yet; there are minor details that won’t get by a true RUSH nut. Things that will improve as they gain experience together. As good as it is, It’s going to get better…that is amazing by itself! They rocked the place!
    Don’t believe me, just ask anybody there…

  3. Doug Says:

    We have a new photo gallery — check out photos from the HeadRUSH show.

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