Geoff Tate’s Big Rock Show Hits

December 8, 2022 · Doors open at 7:00 pm

Geoff Tate

Multi-platinum selling, Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Geoff Tate is regarded as one of the most skilled vocalists in the rock genre with hundreds of modern, popular artists citing him and his band as a major influence. Combining social consciousness and expertly crafted lyrics with high-energy, melodically complex music, Geoff and his band have become internationally recognized as the thinking man’s rock band.

In all, Geoff has recorded 12 studio albums; several live albums and will release his 2nd solo album in 2013. Queensrÿche has been nominated for a Grammy four times and has had their music featured in three feature films.

Since their inception, the band has sold over 25 million albums worldwide and has performed in over 46 countries.

Queensrÿche is world renowned for their innovative, trend-setting sound and continues to enjoy incredible success, performing for sold-out audiences worldwide.

Changing the band name to Operation Mindcrime, in 2014 Geoff began work on one of his most ambitious project, a three part concept album with the first album recorded early 2015

Mark Daly

Mark Daly’s artistic chops have never been up for debate. From performing at the MTV EMA Awards with The Voodoos, to his work with Geoff Tate-led supergroup, Operation: Mindcrime; his career has been as varied as it has been exhilarating.

But it is Mark’s prolificity as a solo artist that best demonstrates just exactly what the rock genre has on its books. Beginning with 2016’s The Heart’s Reminder (no. 2 on the Irish Downloads Chart) right up to his debut album, When the Stars Align; the thread running through Mark’s music is an eagerness to connect, and an intelligence for doing just that.

Mark’s songs are powerful markers of his experiences, ranging from intimate narratives of family and heartbreak, to commentaries on broader issues (his single, Your World, was released in aid of Autism Awareness Month in 2017). Such depth comes from a performer with an ability to combine an arresting rock voice with a social awa

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