Carl LaBove – Comedy

September 9, 2016 · Doors open at 19:00

Carl LaBove - Comedy
Adv purchase: $25
Day of show: $30

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Carl LaBove

Carl LaBove is a quadruple threat to the entertainment business. Comedian, Actor, Musician and Motivational Speaker, LaBove has experienced and created memorable moments on and off stage that have branded him by others as a comedic legend, master of the moment and a force of energy and creativeness that rivals the best in the business.

An original leader and survivor of the early years of comedies heyday, Carl is one of only an elite few that have continued to create and inspire generations of younger performers. His onstage performance evolves and changes like the wind and leaves audiences stunned and energized. Labeling himself as the “Momenteer”, he captures the tone and feel of every situation with a level of improvisation backed with the equivalent of what can be considered a doctorate in stand up comedy experience and delivers fresh and unique audience inclusive journeys nightly.


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