Tracii Guns

June 21, 2015 · Doors open at 19:00

Tracii Guns
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Tracii Guns is an iconic guitarist who has played with numerous well known bands and solo artists.

His signature guitar playing is reminiscent of early Aerosmith and Van Halen but in the last couple of decades he has added his own special flair creating the backbone for an unique and innovative sound, becoming one of the most influential guitarists to emerge out of the 80’s Hollywood scene. His creative repertoire is also impressive as he is registered as a composer/songwriter on more than 137 titles.

Dolan Brotherhood

Based in Southern California, Dolan Brotherhood is Arnold Sears (vocals) James Brady (guitar) Dave Garcia (bass) and Tom Wallace (drums). Their brand of powerhouse rock and roll is the result of a musical and philosophical approach best stated as “Deliver that vibe!”

No doubt that’s what the band’s self-titled debut does. It “delivers”. And everything starts with that “vibe”. Whatever a song requires, it gets. “Give it power, soul, groove and heart – with a twist”, was stated during one recent rehearsal. Each member knows this. One of the band’s main strengths is that each member contributes in the writing process – whether it be the music or the lyrics. The band’s sound reflects this versatility and is stronger for it. Another great Dolan Brotherhood strength is their vocal harmonies. Arnold and James put a lot of focus and effort into working together vocally. That effort pays-off in big ways and is immediately appreciated by listeners.

Collectively, Dolan Brotherhood members have a diverse background in musical tastes and accomplishments. Each is influenced by a multitude of musical styles – classic rock, progressive rock, Motown, metal, pop, folk, classical, etc… Elements of all these genres are found in Dolan Brotherhood’s music. Straight forward grooves that compel the listener to get up and dance or pump their fist in the air with the universal metal salute, can suddenly turn on a dime with some strange dropped-beat time signature. The band’s explanation for these strange and funky twists is simple, “Sometimes making the listener wonder, ‘What just happened?’ is a good thing. It keeps things interesting for the audience and the band.”

Twist, groove, metal, mood… it all comes back to the Dolan Brotherhood’s core belief, “Deliver that vibe”.


Riboflavin is comprised of 4 friends from North County San Diego who have known each other since they were in middle school. Julian Quezada, Brandon Taylor and Christisn Ogle formed the band in May of 2012 to play for friends at house parties and anywhere they could convince people to let them perform. They played covers by Blink 182 and Green Day, as well as originals in the pop punk genre. They began playing larger venues, resulting in a growing audience and popularity. Now, they were looking for photos and recording opportunities. In early 2014, they found Steven Waggoner, a photographer and close friend of the band who also happened to be a proficient guitarist and composer. He was asked to join the band in May of 2014. This added musical depth to the group, enabling Julian to write a slew of new songs. It was clear that magic was happening and it was time for the studio. Luckily, Steven had the perfect solution, being the owner of “Studio 458” in Escondido. The band quickly got to work on a six song EP that was completed and released in September 2014 and is available to listen and download on ReverbNation. They are currently back in the studio working on 5 exciting new songs. It’s clear that their writing and performing are taking it to the next level!


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