Southern Reign – CD Release

May 26, 2018 · Doors open at 19:00

Southern Reign

Authentic, drive, passion and heartfelt are just a few words that describe Southern Reign’s music. Songs that tell stories of real life experiences. Carrying the torch for our southern rock band favorites like Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Outlaws, Allman Brothers Band, Marshall Tucker, Etc. True blue collar, get your hands dirty, southern rock music.

Red Tail Riders

Southern rock originals and classic covers.


Viscous began arranging sound waves of different timbres at the beginning of 2012. It started on the beautiful campus of Grossmont College, where front man, Marcus Schaer, overheard Flamenco being payed in the halls. He was approaching classical guitarist, Keven Ford. Understanding that they both have a love for the decorative sounds of music, Marcus asked Keven if he was willing to play together. Keven, bringing his guitar, met up with Marcus, who decided to bring his vocal chords. After two practices, they both started creating original music. Marcus, wanting the power of percussion, asked his long time buddy Jake Stewart if he would like to be part of this garage band. Adding Jake only accelerated the composing process with his influences. Still missing the bottom end of the wall of colorful sounds, Keven asked his classical guitar duet partner, Chance Swanson, if he would like to fill that empty bass section, saying “heck yeah!”. At that moment, the infant cry was heard in a mile radius as Viscous was born.

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