March 28, 2020 · Doors open at 19:00

Will be rescheduled


PATHOLOGY is epitomized as the ultimate death metal assault to the ears. The band’s hunger to churn out bludgeoning metal coupled with meaningful themes instantly separates them from the rest.

It comes as no surprise that PATHOLOGY have created some of the most vivid and grotesque death metal in the current genre. The founding members of PATHOLOGY have roots in other extreme death metal bands, such as drummer Dave Astor as the founding member of both the grind-spazz project THE LOCUST and militant death squad CATTLE DECAPITATION.

PATHOLOGY’s current formation stands at its strongest with Dave Astor on drums, Daniel Richardson guitar, bass player Richard Jackson and vocalist Obie Flett to diversify the perfect lineup. Revealing an intense mixture of brutal riffs, crushing drums and imagery so blood-soaked, sickeningly twisted and filled with death that it’s impossible to look away.

Hollow Stage

Hollow Stage is a HEAVY METAL band with Death/Hardcore/Melodic influences based out of San Diego, CA.

Recently throughout 2019: With the recent addition of Frontman Jameson Hayes, the band has made appearances at legendary San Diego venues; Brick X Brick and Soma. And other venues in Anaheim and Pamona. As such, they have no intentions of slowing down and are ready to tear up the U.S. metal scene!

NEW single ‘Immortuos’ released 12/06/2019 -Album/EP release TBA in ’20

Current Members: Jameson Hayes – Lead Vocals Trevor Byersdorf – Guitar/Vocals Dylan Morris – Drums Brandan Neil – Maryland Ig Riku Myllikoski – Synth/Keyboard Emilio Martinez – Guitar

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