Metal Allegiance

January 7, 2016 · Doors open at 19:00

Metal Allegiance - Portnoy, Ellefson, Skolnick, Menghi
Adv purchase: $30
Day of show: $35
  • Metal Allegiance, featuring:
    • Mike Portnoy
    • David Ellefson
    • Alex Skolnick
    • Mark Menghi
    • Troy Sanders
    • Mark Osegueda
    • Phil Demmel
  • Doll Skin

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Metal Allegiance

Heavy Metal is more than a genre, more than an attitude, and certainly more than whatever cheap epithets are dismissively thrown at it by clueless critics. At its best, Metal is a lifestyle, a community, a tribe uniting people across cultural, economic, and philosophical divides with the primal pulse of bombastic and majestic expression.

Never before has one entity encapsulated so many components of the heavy metal community’s continued vibrancy and dedication to the lifestyle than the collective fittingly called METAL ALLEGIANCE. Like the comic book heroes of The Avengers franchise, the men and women who’ve assembled on the stage and in the studio as METAL ALLEGIANCE come and go as they please, but each arrive armed with unique mythologies and classic discographies of their own, converging with mutual respect and a collaborative spirit. The result is a continuously evolving musical force both serious in its proficiency and celebratory in its enthusiasm and camaraderie.

Now, METAL ALLEGIANCE unleashes an album as pulverizing, energetic, atmospheric, and awe inspiring as fans of the jaw-dropping list of associated bands should expect. Read more…


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