Hearts and Hooves – Memories Of Memphis

July 29, 2017 · Doors open at 19:00

Memories of Memphis
With the music of:

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Heart and Hooves Therapy
For Booth or VIP call Juanita at 619-922-3932

VIP / Meet & Greet

  • VIP Booth (Seats 6): $400
  • VIP Table seating: $70
  • General Admission with Meet & Greet: $50

For Booth or VIP call Juanita at 619-922-3932

Carl Perkins – Travis Dagget

The son of musical parents, 24 year old Travis Daggett began playing guitar at the age of 14. Starting out in church playing gospel music with his preacher father, Travis quickly branched out after discovering – and falling in love with – the sounds of roots rock and americana. Based out of the greater Los Angeles area since 2012, Daggett has been performing all over the USA from New York to Los Angeles to Disneyland, and has performed with musicians from all walks of life such as Tom Jones, Mickey Dolenz, the Beach Boys, Chris Shiflett, Neil Morrow, Buzz Campbell, Russell Scott, John Stamos… the list is ever growing.

Jerry Lee Lewis – Jacob Tolliver

Jacob Tolliver’s entertainment roots began at an early age dazzling his teachers and classmates at Portsmouth West High School in the deepest most Southern region of Appalachian Ohio.

Jake learned to sing, perform, and act by gravitating to his old school heros like Dick Van Dyke, Tony Bennett, Jerry Lee Lewis and many others.

In 2013 at the age of 19, Jake was selected to be the understudy for the role of Jerry Lee Lewis, “The Killer”, in the Las Vegas production of “Million Dollar Quartet.”

Johnny Cash – Neil Morrow

Born and raised in Anaheim, Ca, Neil knew at an early age that he wanted to play music. It wasn’t the current sounds on the radio at the time that sparked his interest, but it was something a little older…

“My parents had these collections of “Time Life Music Collection of the 50’s” records and cd’s, so I would pop them in the player and listen. I would play them over and over, and really absorb and studied the music.” Neil says. “It really became an obsession! When somebody asked “who sang that one song??”, I could always tell them the artist and the year. I loved it!”

Now with a schedule of around 200 shows a year, Neil keeps quite busy living his dream of being a professional entertainer. Not only performing with his band, but also working as a Dueling Piano player. A form of entertainment that involves music and comedy, two of Neil’s favorite things. Now after being in the business for nearly 25 years, Neil’s career has led him to some notable performances and experiences. Neil has recorded music and appeared on “Sister Act 2”, “E.R.” and recently the Netflix reboot series of “Full House”, titled “Fuller House”, just to name a few.

Elvis Presley – Jacob Roman

Jacob Roman, is an award winning 1950’s Elvis Tribute Artist and 2X E.P.EXPO Grand Champion, (2013 Yuma, Az.& 2014 Shawnee, Ok.) Come & relive the memory.

Jacob’s journey to Elvis began long before he was born. His mom’s side of the family is filled with talented singers and musicians who all seem to have a natural knack for music. Anita has been around music all her life and has a keen insight into the world of music and entertainment. Jacob’s uncles, David and Jimmy, seem to have been born with a prodigious rhythm for the drums and have bands of their own. Anita said about her brother, Jimmy, he destroyed four vinyl chairs from his constant drumming on the furniture. The family’s natural talent for music has been inherited by Jacob who can play the guitar, drums, ukulele, bass, piano, and of course, sing, but it was Humberto, Jacob’s dad, who was the Elvis fan.

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