LV/DC – Sin City’s Tribute to AC/DC

August 20, 2022 · Doors open at 19:00

LV/DC - Sin City’s Tribute to AC/DC
  • LV/DC – Sin City’s Tribute to AC/DC

LV/DC – Sin City’s Tribute to AC/DC

LV/DC has taken the basic ingredients from a menu that has been served to millions of Rock & Roll enthusiasts for decades.

Raw, Loud & Entertaining!

Founding member & soul anchor of LV/DC; Ryan Gillan, once original drummer of Las Vegas’ “High Voltage” is the lock & key to LV/DC’s new lineup. An outstanding vision and understanding of AC/DC, Ryan teamed up with lead vocalist J.J. Micks & bassist Graham Vereen in late 2020.

With a void of the “Young Brothers” looming in the foreground, J.J. Micks convinced both rhythm guitarist Jeremy Varao & lead guitarist Keith Warcholak at a random Las Vegas dive bar to join the new lineup & bring back AC/DC to the entertainment capital of the world.

All five members produce an extensive musical history as well as an outstanding professional resume. Together, they have e created an environment that displays the authenticity and dangerous elements AC/DC was founded on. Raw energy on stage. Loud rock & roll and an entertaining show that will leave the most skeptical of all critics & fans wanting more.

Las Vegas born tribute band with a global potential, LV/DC is ready to rock!

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