Lovedrive – Tribute to the Scorpions

February 6, 2021 · Doors open at 19:00

Lovedrive - Tribute to the Scorpions

Lovedrive – Tribute to the Scorpions

Lovedrive is dubbed the “Best of the Best in the West” by James Kottak of the Scorpions.

Lovedrive was formed in 2012 based out of Southern California using the name from the Scorpions’ pinnacle album of 1979. Lovedrive proudly pays tribute to the biggest World-known band in the history of hard rock. The band captures the look, the sound and energy of a live Scorpions concert.

The band was joined on stage by the Scorpions’ very own James Kottak at the Whisky A-Go-Go in W. Hollywood, CA playing three songs “No One Like You”, “Big City Nights” and “Coming Home” to an energetic crowd of excited fans.

Some have described the Scorpions as “the Heroes of Heavy Metal” and called them “Ambassadors of Rock”. In 2015 the Scorpions celebrated their 50th anniversary, thus producing hundreds of radio hits and arena favorites which haven’t been played live in many years.

On that note, Lovedrive makes certain that the best hits and rare gems are included at each show. From the songs of the late 70’s like “In Trance” to “Lovedrive” and all the 80’s hits like “Rock You Like a Hurricane”, “The Zoo”, “Blackout”, “No One Like You” and “Still Loving You”. and 90’s hits like “Wind of Change” and “Send Me an Angel”. Not to mention more current hits of the 2000’s like “321” and “Rock and Roll Band”.

Witness for yourselves how Lovedrive Tribute to the Scorpions is the closest thing to visiting Hannover, Germany here in the U.S.A.

Electric Ash

Electric Ash is a Southern California band that has shared the stage and toured with multi-platinum recording artist Everclear, Candlebox, Puddle of Mudd, Missing Persons, Roxanne and Chris Slade (AC/DC), as well as Queen Nation, The Spazmatics, In the End, Metalachi, Aeromyth, Dog n Butterfly and many more top tier tribute acts. We recently performed at the 96.7 KCAL FM Tour de Brews festival at a packed Riverside Municipal Auditorium and returned to the main stage at the 2019 Riverside Festival of Lights on a premium night. We are booked for reoccurring performances at venues such as The Cave in Big Bear, Lake Alice in Downtown Riverside and Baily’s in Old Town Temecula. Our large repertoire of rock music allows us to customize our sets making us an easy pairing with a wide range of opener and headlining acts and genera specific audiences.

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