Gus G. – Ozzy Osbourne Guitar Player

October 18, 2014 · Doors open at 19:00

Gus G - Ozzy Osbourne Guitar Player
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Gus G.

Gus G. has spent the past decade quietly affirming his place as one of metal’s reigning guitar virtuosos. He has recorded more than a dozen studio albums, performed around the world as a member of acts ranging from Arch Enemy and Dream Evil to his own band Firewind, and has been Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist since being personally handpicked by the heavy metal legend in August 2009. Now, with the release of his first-ever solo album ‘I Am The Fire’ on Century Media Records, the fleet-fingered Greek fret-shredder will embark on the next chapter of his history-shaping career.


Everyone stands equal in judgement at death. Good or evil, rich or poor, male or female. It’s not the material things that you acquire that become your legacy, it’s what you do to make a difference. In the mortal life, everyone has free will and with free will comes choices. Either you fight the demons and rise above or you drown with the fallen. With their new EP Halfway To Hell, Lynam—Jacob Bunton [Vocals, Guitar], David Lynam [Drums], Lonny Paul [Guitar], and Mark Dzier [Bass]—take their sound to new heights expanding on the melodic hard rock machine that they’ve been driving since their 2006 major label debut, Slave To The Machine. The band’s sound is louder, heavier, more aggressive and more infectious than the preceding albums.


Rammoth formed in early 2011 originally 4 members playing all original rock with hard driving riffs complemented by melodic tones. Many influencial muscians drive the force behind our music, bands from the 60’s to present. We strive to write songs that will take you on a ride musically and lyrically, come and see the show!


Playing the full, four decade array of the Scorpions Rock music library . Playing all three legendary lead guitarist’s influencing this Hanover Germany/ based rock band.

Steam Rock Fever – Pictured Life – Loving You Sunday Morning – Holiday – Love Drive – Falling in Love – The Zoo – Hurricane – Blackout — its endless. We also bring the look and feel of the Scorpions, Never breaking the lead Vocalist role, Eric Schermerhorn, of German Descent, will have you smiling and singing along song after song. A true” Scorpions Tribute Band.”

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