Girls Night Out the Show

October 15, 2016 · Doors open at 19:00

Girls Night Out the Show
Adv purchase: $18

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Girls Night Out the Show

Girls Night Out the Show has quickly become the hottest ticket for ladies entertainment on the road today.

Our legendary touring troupe is known for their fully choreographed performances and for its performers’ distinctive shirtless bow-tie and cuff’s & collars outfit. Girls Night Out the Show features some of the most physically perfect male dancers that artistically capture a wide range of female fantasies delighting audiences with a series of disarmingly sexy, yet tasteful, dance numbers and exciting routines.

Girls Night Out the Show is immediately recognizable and the show has been established as the gold standard in women’s entertainment. If you have yet to see the men in action, be sure to catch the show on their nation-wide Most Wanted Tour!

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