Free Movie – Gumball Rally

April 18, 2009 · Doors open at 16:00

Gumball Rally

A group of wacky characters compete in an illegal auto race known as the Gumball Rally. It starts in New York and finishes in Long Beach, California and there are absolutely no rules. — Yahoo! Movies

The Gumball Rally is a 1976 film directed and co-written by Chuck Bail about a coast-to-coast road race. It was inspired by the actual Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash run held by Brock Yates that inspired several other movies, such as Cannonball with David Carradine, also from 1976. While Cannonball is an action film, The Gumball Rally is both a comedy (like the later The Cannonball Run, starring Burt Reynolds, and its sequels) and a tribute to the supercars of the era. — Wikipedia

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