June 1, 2019 · Doors open at 19:00


Reggae music has birthed yet another rarity- A spirited and soulful singer/songwriter in the eloquent and enchanted empress Etana. Since recognizing the power of music and widespread influence, singer/songwriter Shauna McKenzie returned to her birthplace Jamaica, after being left with a negative pop industry experience. Adopting the moniker of Etana for it’s powerful meaning “The Strong One” in Swahili; Her strength was manifested this time around by pursuing a musical career on her own terms.

Etana’s elegantly modest Rasta-chic sartorial style is as distinctive as her sound: An audacious fusion of folk, soul, jazz and reggae supporting a powerful vocal range suggestive of the ancestral spirit of South Africa’s Miriam Makeba. The Regality of reggae queen Marcia Griffiths and the soulful verve of Etta James. “I looked at how women were being represented in Jamaican music and how little girls were being influenced negatively by tinder surroundings, I wanted to be a positive influence and change some of the way things that were being taught” Etana Reflected.

Maka Roots

Maka Roots is a veteran in Reggae music who stands firm and true, reverent to the traditional and foundation roots reggae sound and esthetic. His music is original, modern and progressive as well. Along with these vital qualities, his music is heartfelt, with a positive, conscious message. Thought provoking music that pleases the ears and elevates the mind. Music that moves the heart and lifts the spirit. The message is lyrically sharp, potent and relevant. His versatile live set is a balance of styles from the reggae music spectrum. From conscious roots anthems to digi-dancehall style, rebel music to lovers rock, Maka Roots plays it all. Tight and crisp. Melodic, thoughtful and creative. Fierce and driving. Dubwise and bubbling. Executed with precision and heart. Live performances are a refreshing, positive and upful experience. His reputation is solidified as one of San Diego’s top roots reggae artists and is felt wherever he takes the stage.

Introspective Culture

Up and coming Roots Reggae band out of South San Diego.

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