March 15, 2015 · Doors open at 18:00

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DORO Pesch is a living legend! And now the entire world knows it, after the “Queen of Rock & Metal” has received her first ever “Legends-Award” at England’s renowned “Golden Gods Awards” on July 17th 2013 at O2 Arena, London. A true highlight of a career, already going on for three decades.

DORO can look back at a really unique journey in the music business. DORO, in numbers this means: Gold and platinum awards for about 10 million sold records, over 2.800 live shows on four continents and in 60 different countries of this world, 16 studio records, four DVD’s. Countless cover stories on all important Music Magazines and millions of overwhelmed fans around the globe.

At the age of 16 DORO started playing in her first bands, but the story of her success began with her band WARLOCK in 1982 and the first album “Burning The Witches”, 1983: the first steps of a world career, that in 1986 got her to perform at the legendary “Monsters of Rock” Festival at British Castle Donnington, as the first ever female musician – and in front of 120.000 frenetic fans. More…


Hailing from the unlikely roots of Santa Cruz, California, Archer is a band determined to deliver genuine uncompromising and unrelenting ass-kicking hard rock and heavy metal music to fans of all ages. As fans of the music themselves, this trio of hard rocking guys is not unlike any fan of the genre. They play for those that share a love for the music and the passion within.

Make no mistake – this is a band that is truly the sum of its parts and is best illustrated by the collective musicianship these three individuals possess. Alex’s precise drumming, David’s masterful bass duties, and Dylan’s captivating combination of playing and singing make for a sound and a band that is uniquely satisfying while retaining all the heavy metal inspiration that ultimately drives them. There is a real tangible passion within the band that is revealed when they take the stage and crank out one of their intense performances. It makes one realize that these guys are the real deal….

Archer has worked hard to climb the rock and roll heap and have no intention of letting go or slowing down as they continue to strive towards greater heights. It is through such tireless efforts that Archer has earned its past and present successes having toured and performed alongside some of the genre’s biggest acts.



Sentinel hail from San Diego, USA and were founded there in July 2005. Guitarist Jesus Verdugo and Singer Danny Hernandez were already part of a band together which led to the birth of Sentinel. After numerous line up changes, a final line up was formed in 2007 which led to a visit to the studio to record their first EP.

Their first EP offering was recorded in Autumn 2008. The EP immediately made a big impression on fans of the progressive metal scene locally, which led to numerous performances all over baja california and San Diego. Sharing the stage with national/international acts such as Echoes of Eternity, Into Eternity, Cage, Possessed, Benedictum, Edguy, and more.


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