Don Dokken Solo

December 8, 2011 · Doors open at 19:00

Don Dokken
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Don Dokken

Since 1994, Dokken has released three studio albums, two live CDs, a Greatest Hits album, as well as their first two DVDs. Dokken also lost George Lynch, gained Reb Beach, and is now kicking off a new era with guitarist John Norum after the recent departure of Reb. One thing has remained constant over the years – there is never a dull moment when Dokken is involved.

Many fans of the 80’s metal scene applauded Dokken for rejoining and putting out a new album when the music scene was so saturated with “Modern Rock.” Don has been adamant about bringing hard rock music back from the grave that so many had believed it to be buried. When Don Dokken sings, people listen. When he gets up on the stage, people support him. Don is a musician that has come a long way from those days with Airborn. He has demonstrated to all of us what can be achieved when you stay true to yourself and your dreams. His belief is that rock will rise again, and he can take pride in the fact that he and Dokken will have helped pave the way.

Dialog Project

We are a new Jazz/Fusion band called the Dialog Project and we are the premier band of San Diego and beyond. Our tunes are pre-arranged grooves that allow us to have a dialog within the realm of each groove based on the emotions, thoughts and aspirations of each moment within each moment of that groove. This allows us to have the freedom to perform each tune differently each performance according to that particular moment in time.

Smooth [audio:]
Primal Path [audio:]
Satch Batch [audio:]


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