Dive Bomber

April 10, 2009 · Doors open at 20:00

Dive Bomber

Dive Bomber

Fallen [audio:http://www.heavymusic.com/Mp3/Fallen.mp3]
Drive All Night [audio:http://www.heavymusic.com/Mp3/DriveAllNight.mp3]

Dive Bomber on MySpace

2 Responses to “Dive Bomber”

  1. Pamela Says:

    This is my favorite San Diego band! I can’t wait to see them on that stage. I love the way it looks on your website. Can’t wait to see it in person! Bringing several friends, and we’re looking forward to it. But I was told they go on at 9. That’s according to their site. Could you clear that up for me? Thanks!

  2. Doug Says:

    All performances generally start at 8pm, and it looks like their site, at least the MySpace page, shows 8pm now.

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