Custard Pie

October 3, 2008 · Doors open at 20:00

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3 Responses to “Custard Pie”

  1. robbie carlson Says:

    you guys rock….see ya friday nite

  2. Alberto/ClaraYvette Valdez Says:

    We are looking forward to seeing a real Band.

  3. Jim Langlois Says:

    I saw your show friday oct 3 fantastic you guys have zep down to the note.Great show I closed my eyes and I was at the sports arena again in 1971. More people need to come see you wake up Ramona you have a really great venue in ramona mainstage. You can meet the musians I had the pleasure of talking with woody great guy. Orrin has done a fantastic job with this club. Give it a chance so many things in ramona have failed .This should not be one of them.The acts are great so once again wake up ramona you have a good thing here dont blow it . woody can you e-mail me with your site thanks Jim

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