April 16, 2011 · Doors open at 19:00

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Ambrosia formed in 1970, in the South Bay/San Pedro area of Southern California. The musicians were inspired by the progressive rock era, and developed a large regional following for their inventive musicianship and skillful arranging.

The Year 2000 marks the 30th anniversary of Ambrosia, and the band has celebrated with a very busy touring schedule that has reaped box office success, while proving to the world that Ambrosia will be a driving force in the new millennium.

Candice Graham

Singer-songwriter Candice Graham comes into her own on her second album “Music from the Garage: Live tracks” which combines her roots in Rock and R&B with her passion for Blues. Candice is described as somewhere between Bonnie Riatt and Cheryl Crow, with a little Joplin thrown in from time to time. Her performances are riveting!

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