Allison Chains

April 13, 2019 · Doors open at 19:00

Allison Chains

Allison Chains

Allison Chains is the world’s only all-female tribute to Alice In Chains.

Based out of Los Angeles, the band delivers heavy metal riffs, hypnotic acoustic sounds, and unique harmonies, creating the haunting, tortured sound that put Alice In Chains at the forefront of Seattle’s early “grunge” bands. These extraordinary female rockers are seasoned, accomplished performers with many individual achievements and awards. They authentically recreate Layne Stayley’s wailing rage, Jerry Cantrell’s melodic guitar fervor, Mike Starr and Mike Inez’s powerful bass lines, and Sean Kinney’s grinding rhythms. Allison Chains performs songs from every classic album: Facelift, Dirt, Alice In Chains, Sap, and Jar of Flies. The Allison Chains AIC music tribute brings you back to the early 1990’s when hair bands were receding, grunge was all the rage, and flannel was in high fashion.

2Hot 2Handle

2Hot 2Handle (2H2H) is an all-female tribute to the legendary band UFO and also to the Michael Schenker Group. Based in Los Angeles, 2H2H was created in 2016 and immediately gained attention…even from U.F.O. themselves. Their energy, passion, and talent has earned the respect of those who said it couldn’t be done. They are fun to watch too, and some of the unplanned antics of band members have made for very entertaining performances!

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